Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Basics of Bamboo

Bamboo is display case of grass; not a tree as is usu everyy believed. It is a stem from China. It is really heavy to Chinese large number. In Chinese culture, Bamboo is the symbol of baronial beauty and happiness. Since the ancient times, bamboo deeply infiltrates in Chinese wads daily sprightliness from all different aspects of their needs. In Chinese traditional culture, the bamboo includes forcible culture, landscape culture, and various aspects of ideology culture, it reflects the feelings of the Chinese mass, ideas and thoughts, such as profound cultural background. Chinese people called the bamboo, pine and pass sweet flower all together as winter poetic, to a fault called the bamboo with the plum, orchid, chrysanthemum as four gentlemen. All the name come from how they look and their ontogeny process. The feature of the ancient Chinese civilization is one of the important symbols of Chinese culture. Bamboo exists in my state of matter still and has a pine histor y of edible and medicative purposes. Its a persona to help people to maturation the knowledge of health.\nBamboo grows fast, has strong adaptability, and in any case has a wide point of uses. Since it is closely related to peoples life. Bamboo has a lot of functions of how it nookie be use and found by people. The uses of bamboo include food, dress, shelter and dose with various aspects. Bamboo also can be apply for building, which shit thousand years of history. In ancient times, humans lived in the nests and caves in the ground. In the growth process, bamboo played an important role. As early as the Shang dynasty, people already began to use bamboos to do letters and books. People used bamboo to build the palace in Han dynasty, and in Jin dynasty, people buy the farm to use bamboo to make papers.\nIn terms of clothing, bamboo origin and exploitation in Chinese clothing plays an important role. Arising during the period of Qin and Han dynasties; people make cloth with bamboo and also use bamboo to ma...

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