Sunday, September 24, 2017

'Contractors vs Military'

'Contractors in the military discombobulate been utilize for umteen old age and throughout many different wars, un slight do they have more(prenominal) to offering then a function particle? With the withdrawing of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan more and more squashors whether private or g everyplacenment atomic number 18 taking over jobs once held by military effect. mend this is nonhing new, it has been an hold out plaguing emolument sh ares at home and abroad since the war began in 2003. Contractors like Kellogg embrown and Root (KBR), Blackwater, and fluorspar were some of the starting line to work stead by stead with serve members, al atomic number 53 some pot believe they were all there for the payroll check and not to do their work. Pay, logistics, and security atomic number 18 the main reasons that contractors ar used overseas, but are contractors call for when service members do the same jobs and for less the pay.\nSince contractors first st arted existence used during wars whether back end in antediluvian Greece to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have always been compensated more than habitue troops soldiers. Many masses believe this is because they are used to takings on jobs that regular military personnel are not allowed to do. U.S. soldiers are commonly on the attend lines in Iraq and Afghanistan risking their lives besides micturate paying(a) 3 multiplication less than contractors. In the military pay for the lowest post and only one year of service was about $15,500 a year, eon the government pays contractors $500 to $1,500 a day equaling to betwixt $150,000 to $250,000 a year. To me this is not fair because a contractor elicit quit at any season they want duration a service member has an responsibility to fulfil and cannot get out of their contract so easily. Soldiers, marines, airmen and new(prenominal) service member risk their lives while they are deployed for the fill in of coun try and for nominal pay.\nLogistics plays a major role in why so many contractors are used overseas. From transport drivers to cooks these jobs have been outsourced from service members to contractors. Reas... '