Monday, October 17, 2016

Geo Design and Technology

There argon divers(a) categories of technologies that run the modern valet de chambre and without which the gentles life would be traumatized. Man has structured his purlieu with his artificial creations to achieve soften results from life activities. The purlieu comprises of the ecosystem where human beings interact with their day-to-day operations. whatsoever of much(prenominal) aspects that man has invented into his environment are geo tendency, geographical learning attainment and geographic nurture science.\nGeo be after involves engineering, inventions and techniques for planning man-made and natural environmental systems in a procedural integrated manner that includes analyses, design and design creation, project conceptualization among others. colligate to geo design is geographic culture science. It can be explained as a research knowledge base or study that reviews geographic concepts and their application in geographic cultivation systems context. Geog raphic cultivation science seeks to evaluate the sour of geographic information science on society and individuals and the relationship among non-homogeneous aspects with GIS. Geographic information system, GIS, involves a computer technology that uses systems that capture, store, check and show various entropy that are associate to the Earths fall out mostly using maps. GIS enables deal to look at diametric locations and compare how such sharpens bring up to each other. GIS could be utilize in showing areas that generate pollution like gas stations and industries, it can withal reveal demographic data such as the community in a place that has access to education among others. (National Geographic, n.d.).\nGeo design has various applications in the human life. The most notable ones are the health matters. Geo design has been on the frontline in the application in epidemiology and public health management. As stated above, geo design applies the aspects of the conterm inous environment of man. The environment has elements such as th...

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