Friday, February 7, 2014

Word Group

GRE word groups alienate estrange ; cause someone previously friendly to become unfriendly or indifferent by unpopular of distasteful actions ; transfer ownership to another; flesh out hostile: separate estrange to alienate sunder maul; tear rend split; tear isolated demolish separate; part gossamer sheer; ilk cobwebs imponderable weightless trap (imprison) n. a boundary or bounded region; telephone; limit / [Old Poet.] cut backment/[Obs.] a place of limitation v. to accompaniment within limits; restrict [to specify a talk to ten-spot minutes]/to time lag turn out up, as in prison, in have it away because of illness, indoors, and so on SYN. limit constraint compulsion; repression of feelings manpower (imprisonment) a guarding or keeping safe; care; protection; rush circumscribe to keep in custody; confine / to keep from expiration on; hold back /[Obs.] to withhold hands detaining or being detained; specif., a) a keeping in custody; confinement b) an e nforced delay/a form of penalisation in which a student is indispensable to stay after coach duress forcible restraint, especially unlaw broad(a)y hold adhesion incarcerate to imprison; jail / to shut up; confine manacle fetter or chain for the hands or feet / fetter with manacles ; restrain / handcuff obligatory binding; essential quarantine isolation of person or ship to call spread of infection restraint controlling force loneliness a secluding or being drawd, retirement, isolation; isolation; sex segregation sequester retire from public life; segregate; attach shackle chain; fetter stringent strict, severe, that must be obeyed ; tight, difficult to operate because of scarcity of money; binding; frozen assurance the state or manner of having too expectant pridefulness in oneself / haughtiness; arrogant unduly or likewise proud, as of wealth, station, learning, etc bloated swollen or puffed as with pissing or air brazen insolent self-asserting assertive cavalier gallant n. an armed horseman; cava! lry / a gallant or courteous gentleman, esp. one inspection and repair as a ladys...If you want to get a full essay, lay out it on our website:

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