Monday, February 3, 2014

St. Lorenzo Ruiz

St. Lorenzo Ruiz is a hero, a martyr who never sur hit the hayed his cartel in matinee idol. He is the first Filipino saint and martyr. His martyrdom is a big inspiration to altogether of us. His braveness, giveingness to sacrifice and opinion render what really makes hero a hero. That to die in the pronounce of God is the greatest dash to express love to Him and to the people. Lorenzo is a loyal servant of the Lord. In his younger years, Lorenzo served at the convent of Binondo church building building as a sacristan and altar boy. Since he lived at that place together with Dominican priests, his knowledge, love and faith in God eventually grows stronger and wider. Until he was falsely accuse in cleaning a Spaniard. Due to the allegation, he was compel to go to japan accompanied by the Dominican priests. shrimpy he knew, indicate awaits him in there. St. Lorenzo went through many hardships. He is brave, dedicated in his beliefs. When he was persecuted and penalise b y the Japanese who asks to renounce his Christian faith, he shows no fear. He was punished brutally, along with the priests, by inserting needles between his nails and fingers, beaten upside take down until unconscious. But then, his faith still reigned in his heart. Not deficient to suffer more, the priests repudiate their faith, but Lorenzo never did. His courage and willingness to sacrifice do him strong, make him become a hero. And on his put out breath, these words he uttered, I am a Catholic and wholeheartedly take away death for the Lord, and if I return a thousand lives, all of them I will cite to Him. Lorenzo died, but his sacrifice he made that day will never be forgotten, it made history. For dying for someone else, particularly God, is one of the greatest way to be a hero.If you want to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website:

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