Friday, February 7, 2014

Joe's Goals

JOES GOALS. I am often influenced by the people go on me. As a result , I feel it is bouncyly that I have good fri reverses in my life. Therefore, I may learn their positive qualities. I met Joe at Yokohama Restaurant wear year. Last fall he became my classmate in my makeup class . He was born in china, and he had been in The United States for one year. He weathers with his cousin and Uncle in Gretna Louisiana. Joe doesnt have any siblings in his family, however he has good-tempered parents are living in china. Before Joe came to U.S he was a student in China law school. He end his major. Because it was ones of his goals. One day Joe decided to continue his education and have ESL class at Delgado Community College. Day by day, Joe loves to live in New Orleans, because he works hard as a sushi chef. That why I know him very well. In his free time he likes to listen soft music, escort a good movie, and read news about his country. excessively he loves to play tennis. My classmate also has good qualities. He is an extrovert person, and He has very good communication skills. This get for enable me to learn many things from him and also communicate well. To me, Joe is a good classmate from different social background and culture. I can understand his culture by talking and socialise with him. This will increase my general knowledge and awareness.If you want to pay a full essay, order it on our website:

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