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Carry out some Internet-based survey to find all information that relates to e-commerce land sites that advertise second hand cars for sale. Make demarcations on the tax models that be employ by these sites and the marketing techniques that be adopted to promote their services to both car buyers and sellers. couch a report. 2. Summarise your thoughts on the most suitable revenue model that should be adopted by the e-commerce site, in concert with your reasons for making this decision. As part of this you should/could evaluate the following options: ? advertisement support (i.e. carrying adverts from third parties such as suppliers of car accessories, monetary companies providing car loans etc.) ? Subscription (users pay a monthly or each year occur fee for the use of the product/service) ? Affiliate (paying businesses that exact or refer customers to your web site) ? ? The report should include your passport for the prefer option unitedly with your reasons fo r selecting it and discussion why others argon slight suitable. 3. The retireers have similarly asked for your opinion as to whether they should stay on to publish the existing magazine alongside the e-commerce site, or whether the e-commerce site should whole replace the magazine. The report should include your recommendation in intercourse to this, together with your reasons. 4. Write a short note list the three potential domain traces that you have identified, together with your recommendation for the choice of domain call in that should be employ by the refreshing e-commerce site. As part of this note you should exonerate the particular benefits that you feel the chosen domain name offers, and to a fault list three reasons why a domain name is important to the ongoing success of an e-commerce site. 5. List main auspices department threats that could pose a risk to the operation of the new e-commerce site. relieve the risks that each of these threats could pose to the site and briefly recognize proper(p! ostnominal) countermeasures that could be...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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