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Running Head : Question and AnswersNameUniversityCourseTutorDateFunctions of the advance of Australia , Relevant to an Enrol lead NurseThe batting order has the attend of enduring professional standards with the aim of ensuring that the community has sightly interest for vexation of the highest possible standards and that professional competency and die hard are achieved . This is relevant in the context of an enrolled make because it describes the radiation syndrome pattern and supervision for an enrolled reserve citing when an enrolled nurse can function with or without supervision (Nursing Board of Australia , 2008The Board also promotes and encourages the move tuition of nurses as they come to increase skill levels , knowledge and competence . This is important to an enrolled nurse because it gives provision for the enrolled nurse to be knotty in care for education programs at a 3rd level that allow for transition and qualification to practice as registered nurses (Nurses Board of Australia , 2008Contributions of Florence nightingale to Healthcarei ) Florence nightingale was responsible for the blood of evidence-based nursing . Following the Crimean war , nightingale pressed for a commission that would investigate the causes of high deathrate during the war . The cover was make with a lot of attention paid to authoritative information collection it showed terms of reference , how the members had been selected and how the data had been analyze as well as tributes . A significant recommendation was cosmos of a department that would track disease rate and mortality wit the aim of identifying problems that could be addressed apace . This was stir by her observations of the poor conditions during the war . There was a myopic supply of medicines and hygiene was neglected leading to c ontraband infections . Nightingale and her s! taff put in place such(prenominal) interventions as thorough cleaning of the hospital and equipment . To complement her efforts a hygienical commission was sent to flush out sewers have and emend ventilation . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These led to a decline in deaths and aft(prenominal) the war she turned her attention to sanitary design of hospitals (McDonald 2001ii ) Nightingale also addressed the issue of professional nurses in workhouse infirmaries . At the time the institutions had little medical care with only unbridled pauper nurses available to give nursing care Nightingale believed that if set nurses could be shown to be mor e successful at providing care then the authorities would have to extend training to another(prenominal) workhouses This led to the provision of nursing services by clever nurses in Liverpool and eventually the importance of training nurses became evident (McDonald , 2001Responsibilities of an Enrolled Nursei ) An enrolled nurse has the responsibilities of providing patient-centered nursing services . This includes recognizing normal and abnormal during assessment , providing interventions and an military order of the health status of an mortal (ANMC , 2008ii ) The enrolled nurse provides mortals with support and nurse by providing assistance with daily living activities so that the individual can achieve independence as much as possible and also have their emotional needs met (ANMC , 2008iii ) Enrolled nurses have...If you fatality to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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