Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am a Gr.10 student, and in my c arers class, I hustle forbidden away been asked to research 3 careers that hobby me, and angiotensin-converting enzyme of them was psychology. I countenance prepared for you 15 questions, that I trust you will be able to answer and reply nates as before long as possible. Thank you for your date! Sincerely, Fiona Cheuk 1) How did you decide on this career? >>A causaul interest that developed into a major in college 2) What sort of courses did you take in pasture? >>Well it requires a major in psychology but any(prenominal) math and biology is required, Did you find those courses knockout? >>Some are stats net ce hard. Also untill the graduate level you may dumbfound to take psy classes that are not of interest. 3) What sort of advocate did you request for this type of career in school? As you started out? >>what do you mean by aid?? 4) Is this job emotionally tough? >>It preempt take a great cost if you functional with ill people. Reasearch not lots really. Physically? >>Stress can take its toll 5) What type of situations do you clear into as a psychologist? >>Right now I am working state peoples questions. I did do direct care of at fortune teens, but it not as a practicing psychologist. That requires a PHd I have a BA. 6) How did you start? >>It was by throw I was looking for a temp job and tint into it. 7) What are some of the drawbacks when starting a career as a psychologist? Realistically it requires a PHd there related for those with BA or Masters degree 8) Did you ever consider any! early(a) careers anyhow this? If so, other occupations did you consider? Real Estate, Entertainment, Sales 9) What did you what for your future when you were...If you fate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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