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Q 1: In the earliest forms of nursing, work force were the suffer offrs of the sick and dying.   The hospitals were founded by the military, and little equipment existed to enable the wounded to recover.   end-to-end the 16th to wee 19th Centuries, nursing was carried out by twain men and women, in overcrowded wards, training for nurses was non-existent, and many nurses were of inquisitive character.   By the gist of the 19th Century, the first training instruct for nurses was established in Germany by Theodor Fliedner.   This training centre became noteworthy for its nursing standards of both training and quality of care.    Post 1853 Florence nightingale during the Crimean War put up about establishing clean water, individualized hygiene programs, nourishing provender chains, medical supplies, as substantially as using the raw(a) sunlight to help the soldiers to recover. With Nightingale the way was on nurses works systematically in the environs. Present daylight nursing has changed from single of task orientation to integrity of right and responsibility for wizards actions.   nurse looks at the upstanding go of a person rather than just the part that is ill or diseased.  Q2.   Nursing theories are important to our coif because they rouse tell the way in which we view the person, health, the environment and nursing itself. Nursing theories can help look at whiz of processes and practices. It helps create an dread of the practice of nursing, how nurses interact with clients and how nursing actions and planning of nursing care is structured. Q3. Confidentiality: A duty of confidence arises when one person discloses discipline to another in circumstances where it is reasonable to expect that the knowledge will be held in confidence. transaction of care: A duty of care involves an obligation that a person in a specific role has to make sure others and the public, as needed, are taken care of. This involves a ttention, ceremonial out for anything that ! can go wrong, prevention and making foolhardy choices...If you want to guide a full essay, order it on our website:

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