Friday, January 3, 2014

God Is Great Article

Title SuggestionsReligion Does Not Define god divinity dip exists without morality immortal is abundantIs theology a ReligionArticleThe twentieth snow seemed to be delimit by an explosion of dissimilar organized holinesss , merely of which espoused their beliefs to be the superstar neat religion that worships the one true immortal . The traditional religions had lost sight of the ask of their flocks and passel needed periodic guidance and relevanceIt is my belief that religion is entirely a cracking divider amongst men . A ray used by people to instill forethought and ascertain over the dim-witted minded phratry and those who are unable(predicate) of understanding the true meaning of idol in our periodic lives . I therefore concur with Charles Hutchens and his work in his print book entitled perfection Is Not Great : till Religions Poisons Everything . Religion spoils everything . But , I strongly discord just about his views about theology . In my opinion God is greatReligion no longer a spiritual journey in these juvenile times . It has simply be pass off a tool for certain unscrupulous organizations to take money from those who are simple minded enough to believe that religion has something to do with God . I am not an Agnostic somebody for I believe that there is a Supreme be who created all of these wonderful things in our lives . I am a Gnostic who believes that there is strong in mankind because he is God s creation and God , simply put , is a good creationIn my own published book Echoes of Heaven , I defined the true religion as the relationship betwixt God and Man . Religion is not something that can be careful in terms of people packed into the churches , auditoriums , temples , and the wish well on days of worship .

Neither is it something that can be set by political scenarios of any country in turmoilThe grandeur of God does not rely on the authorisation or size of a congregation and religion is not a breedingstyle dictated by the church kind of , twain can be considered as a own(prenominal) fetch that is unique for each person . The realization of the grandness of God depends upon how we view him to be . The God based upon religion is a mass consumption God that nobody pass on genuinely understand because it is in the confusion where the poison of religion lies . That is the God who has been manipulated by religion and greedy needs of the ghostlike folk . But a personal God , the God undefiled by politics and warring religious beliefs , he is the great GodA relationship with God has nothing to do with religion because it is an attend of faith , a personal revelation by visions and dreams that come across with great feeling and beauty . It ordain do you to understand the role of the spiritual in your life and incur you feel a little closer to GodWhen we ingest that God is great because of what we believe him to be in our daily lives , without being influenced by...If you want to get a full essay, exhibition it on our website:

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