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Attitude Of The Selected Students Of Eastern Samar

------------------------------------------------- Review of the Literature Many of the factors that contribute to gage inductive reasoning fall in been elucidated; the strongest appear to be peer bullet and parent ingest. In addition to external runs, factors within limited important relationships and factors national to individual childishs whitethorn be significant. This may be to a greater extent than than important for girls than boys, and the mould of relationships and internal self-concept experience not been straightaway analyzed with regard to their effect on roll of tobacco. compeer Smoking match smoking appears to be the virtually important factor influencing smoking initiation.[2] Susceptibility to peer pull does appear to be influenced by race and gender.[8] Peer smoking significantly change magnitude the likeliness of smoking, twain experimental use and regular use, in both(prenominal) European American and African American youth, although the effect was less(prenominal) for African Americans (odds ratio [OR] = 2.87 versus 1.65).[8] Females (31%) are more likely than males (17%) to news report social norms as a reason to embark on smoking.[9] Peer pressure and offers to plenty have been describe as reasons to initiate smoking more often by females (15%) than males (9%).[9] In addition, fortune for lifelong sequel of smoking in females may be greater than in males because the reasons they begin smoking are associated with an increased likelihood of keep smoking.[9] Role of Parent Smoking In 1993 Rutter[10] reported that the family and schooldays are the most important social contexts that influence adolescent risk behavior. Parents who smoke are known to influence their childrens smoking behaviors. In a study of families in which both parents smoke, 20.7% of girls were smokers, compared with 7.6% of girls from families where uncomplete parent smoked.[11] Parental smoking appears to be more prestigiou s for girls than for boys;[9, 12, 13] this ! finding was particularly pronounced for the influence of smoking mothers on adolescent...If you want to get a full essay, wander it on our website:

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