Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Social Status

Social Status It has been said that the only constant in this world is change. Thats certainly the case when it comes to favorable perspective. In antediluvian patriarch times friendly spot resolute how one fit into society. Today, however, we often think of it in ground of a daily update on Facebook. Previously, it referred to your position in a social hierarchy. It was what ca accustomd men to stick their chests emerge with pride or cower and continue to work as a peasant. Now, its much(prenominal) of a simple, light hearted message of individualal expression. Its hard to believe that, in ancient Athens, women werent until flat considered citizens. How degrading that must have been. Its one social occasion to read almost social hierarchies throughout history, but if we subroutine visual examples it may have more of an effect. Look at movies such as Braveheart or The Gladiator to get a good glimpse of what life must have been like. Sure, these arent documentari es, but they do give an idea of different ancient social statuses. In Braveheart, the English noblemen were given the prima nocta, the gracious to take all new brides for the first night. Furthermore, common quite a little lived in squalor while high status vision lived in castles with abundant food and wine.
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In The Gladiator, regular abundant deal were imprisoned and forced to fight as gladiators for the merriment of others. It is atrocious to realize that the difference between the royal on the seat and the peon forced to scrub his feet and feed him grapes, was no more than the randomness of birth. Thi s is an example of ascribed status- status t! hat is fixed for a person at birth. There is also achieved status, where one earns his or her social status by his achievements. We will talk more about achieved status later. A good example of social status would be slavery in the 19th degree Celsius Unites States. It is beat how our nation ever believed it was acceptable to own other clement being and treat them so horribly. The social status of slaves was determined simply by the...If you want to get a ample essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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