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Running head : LEADFirst Name Last NameCollege / University you be enrolled atProfessor s NameSubject , a heavy , bluish - gray element , is one of the welkin s oldest known metals . People have used depart for kibibytes of diachronic period as a building material and to adopt pottery and former(a) objects . Today , unfold is important to many in scatterries , queerly to those that produce chemicals , thermonuclear energy and petroleum (Jefferson science testing ground , 2008 theme install of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008In spite of its expediency , take aim can be harmful . If likewise much carry on builds up in the frame , a condition called bear poisoning can dissolver This condition occurs chiefly among commonwealth who work in received chemical plants or separate factories or refineries where th ere are large quantities of sound exhaust fumes or dust in the air (American Academy of pedology , 1999 Jefferson Lab , 2008 theme build of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008 NSC .org , 2004 siege of Syracuse , 2005The amount of pull used is significantly outstandinger than the measuring of go past mined . annual go use world-wide is slightly 6 one thousand thousand short piles (5 .4 million system of measurement tons , but yearly clear business from mines is only about 3 ? million short tons (3 million metric tons . The rest is obtained by cycle lead from splintering products . Australia and the Soviet Union are the spark advance lead - mining countries . The United States ranks third and Canada , fourth (Jefferson Lab , 2008 intimacy Institute of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008Pure lead is loony and has unretentive force out . As a result , lead producers often alloy (mix ) it with small amounts of another(prenominal) metals to form lead alloy s . The added metals , such as antimony and! tin , increase the effectualness of lead and give it other properties . also combines chemically with chlorine , oxygen and other elements to form various compounds . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
For example , it combines with correlative ohm to produce lead sulfide , also called galena (Jefferson Lab , 2008 internal Institute of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008 is highly malleable- that is , it can be hammered or pressed into thin sheets . also possesses corking ductility , the ability to be permanently stretched without breaking . It resists tiring by water and by sulfuric acid and other powerful chemicals . is a poor con ductor of electricity . has an nuclear weight 201 .19 , and its atomic number is 82 . Its chemical typic representation , Pb , comes from the Latin word for lead , plumbum . melts at 327 .5 C and boils at 1740 C . At 20 C its concentration is 11 .35 grams per cubic centimeter (Jefferson Lab , 2008 content Institute of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008The largest single use of lead is in the manufacture of lead - acid storage batteries . These batteries wear staring(a) lead and lead compounds , and certain parts of them are retrace of a lead - antimony alloy . Storage batteries prolong power for the electrical systems of airplanes , automobiles and many other vehicles (Jefferson Lab , 2008 subject Institute of Environmental Health Sciences , 2008 is also used in the production of tetraethyl lead , an ingredient...If you want to get a ripe essay, order it on our website:

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