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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

pagan Groups and Discrimination ETH/125 August 22nd, 2010 Haven McCall Ethnic Groups and Discrimination The root word that I chose was the Scotch-Irish American. The reason that I selected this theme is that my grandfather and grandmother two were of this ethnic multitude, passing on this heritage to my mother when she was born. The Scotch-Irish American refers to Presbyterian and Protestant dissenters from the Providence of Ulster (Wikipedia, 2010). This group migrated to North America primarily during the colonial era, with an estimated 250,000 sight making that first trip. Another 150,000 people of this group were estimated to have immigrated in the early 19th light speed (Wikipedia, 2010). The Scotch-Irish ethnic group descended from Scottish and English families who were transplanted to Ireland in the 1600s. It is estimated that 36.3 billion Americans reported having an Irish ancestry in 2008, 1.2% or 3.5 one thousand billion people identified spe cifically with Scotch-Irish ancestry (Wikipedia, 2010). The Scotch-Irish faced some(a) prejudices when they initially migrated to the colonies, but these hostilities applied to all of the ethnic groups quest to hold step up a parvenue life in the new land. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The Scotch-Irish, in comparison to other ethnic groups arriving at that time, nevertheless learn the prejudices for a short time. This was largely due to the groups resist to the brazen lands in the back parts of the country where come out of sight they did not offend any of the English colonists with their alleged(prenominal) oddities (Leyburn, 20 08). The Scotch-Irish also faced the same r! acism that other groups experienced during this time. The Catholics openly spoke of their prejudice towards the Irish, because they felt that the Irish were low-down to them. What is not known is that although most English settlers regarded the Irish as inferior, it was the Irish that would bring the potato with them which would ultimately become a staple crop in Maine, in addition to that forming an economic...If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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