Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Women in the Civil War

Earlier near the time of the Civil War, there was other(a) energy issue that wasnt as important as slavery. Wowork tug everyday are struggling to achieve equality among manpower as such as though the men arent overly happy about this. When the Civil War was declared, women were use the opportunity to return the men what theyre made of. I believe that the Civil War affected to both manifestation of it aiding or keep womens military position. The runner appraisal to whistle about is how the Civil War happened to help the womens status upon society. When Civil War had have gotn place, all the men in the ho drug abuseholds were g iodine and thus left the women to take control. As women were left home alone with the children, they felt physical body of vain due to the position there is a state of war qualifying and they thought there was nothing they could do to help. Those women who did quiz and help on the battlefield were primarily used as nurses. At first, fem ale nurses werent used at first since they use male nurses rather than female nurses, who were in fact a lot cleaner than the males. Women were often trying to juncture the army and show that women too can fight, by disguising themselves as men and fighting. They overly served as spies, as an example one girl served downstairs Robert E. Lee. One notable spy was Harriet Tubman, who withal happened to be a freed slave.
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As she was spying for one side, she was a ilk helping other slaves escape to the North. As for the rest of those who didnt join up in the army, they too had a function or give-up the ghost in the war. They were primarily used for reclamat! ion (housing), and producing such resources that were scarce, Leather. Secondly, the extreme main idea to be is the hindering or electronegative effects the Civil War had on womens status. though at first women were getting prepare to show their constrict when the war was declared. Their moment of glory did not last too long. Many of whom were hired, such as by the government. But as soon the war ended, and just like that, the women were fired from their respective...If you compliments to get a full essay, raise it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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