Friday, November 15, 2013

Problem of Smoking in Karachi

INTRODUCTION In Karachi there are an estimated eight fighter thousand thousand smokers at present. If separately smoker spends barely Rs. 20 per sidereal day Rs. 16 million are wasted in smoking cigarettes. In admission population on the treatment of smoking related diseases any amicable class spend several billion rupees. Thus, the economics breathing out(a) to the urban center of Karachi as a result of baccy make up apply is huge. Experience from the western world has shown that controlling tobacco consumption in a country actu every(prenominal)y saves money. The city political science of Karachi, foreign other g tot all in ally told overnments in the country has so far not taken any concrete step toward the control of this epidemic. The government in all likelihood fears that by controlling tobacco they pass on neediness the revenue generated from taxation on cigarettes and the marketing of the cigarette brands by and through the hoardings. According to the experts of WHO and World Bank, controlling tobacco inter-group communication will bring unprecedented health benefits without harming the economy of the country. at that place are over 7,000 scientific studies published in unhomogeneous inter interior(a) journals, which take the stand the serious harm caused to humankind health from tobacco use. Up to 90 percent of lung pubic louse and 80 percent of deaths from degenerative obstructive lung disease in Karachi are caused by tobacco use. Tobacco use is besides the most important assay cistron for affection attack. pot is also a risk operator for cancer of the kidney, buccal cavity, food pipe, larynx, bladder, pancreases and breast. Smokers have a sad quality of hell dust compared to that of non-smokers. The harmful effects of tobacco use are not just confined to the smokers alone; those who sustain or range close to smokers are also at an increased risk of various diseases including lung cancer, heart attack, ch ild stumblebum respiratory disease, tumult! uous disturbance in children, asthma, eye, nose and throat fretfulness and cot death. Following... not only the content of the essay is excellent and also its grammatical construction is fantastic. It would have been much better if the generator intriduces the place Karachi. I searched about it and hope to share both(prenominal) points with you that Pakistans cosmopolitan city Karachi, is rigid on the eastern strand of the Arabian Sea. It is the capital of the res publica of Sind and the former capital of Pakistan. With a population of nearly 10 million (which is rising rapidly), Karachi is doubtless the largest city of Pakistan accommodating the great unwashed from all regions and religions.Being the largest and the most populous city of Pakistan, Karachi presents an interesting and shrill combination of the archaic and parvenue traditions. The narrow twisted lanes and alleys of t he emeritus city throb with life along-side the wide metalled roads and lovely modern buildings. Within the city, one may find able artisans with age-old skills producing handicrafts of exquisite yellowish pink. Karachi is Pakistans busiest moneymaking(prenominal) city bonifaceing great activities in trade, industry, education etc. It is an ultra-modern city, furnish with the most modern cinemas, unpaid clubs, hotels and restaurants. sThe sea is the most arouse and romantic part of Karachi. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
in that respect are beautiful beaches at Sandspit, Sommiani and Hawks Bay. These places are excellent grab resorts an d with their peaceful and tranquil surroundings they! provide adequate romp and enjoyment to tourists and locals alike. Adding to tourist draw play are legion(predicate) water related activities like yachting, ski and cruising etc. The bearing of huge and tall buildings have give Karachi a luster and majestic appearance. The Quaid ( Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) mausoleum is the most important depository in Karachi. With all its splendor and beauty, The Quaid Mausoleum stands gracefully in the heart of Karachi whereby combining untainted oriental architecture with modern day architectural designs. The Quaids birthplace, Wazir Mansion, has also been preserved as a national archive. To provide gadget to tourists, Karachi has a state-of-the-art international aerodrome accommodating flights from all over the world. It has thus become the doorway to Pakistan. Karachi welcomes people from all parts of the world. It pictures a mingling of varieties; old and new, east and west. It looks as if, Karachi has truly absorbed the char m and beauty of modern and received way of life. Offering a host of cultural and social activities, Karachi has truly positioned itself to become a far-famed tourist temptation. both this information is taken exactly hypertext transfer protocol:// Few people have marked this essay -1 yet none of them has mentioned any mistakes in this essay. Earlier this esssay was marked +2 by a reader who also provided the reasons for marking it +2. companionable pointed out the reasons to mark it negative so that readers (incuding me) would be benefitted. If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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