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Metro PCS: A Needs Assessment

Table of ContentsExecutive Summary?????????????????????...Page 1 ineluctably Assessment??????????????????????..Page 2Organizational summary????????????????????.Page 3Individual Analysis.?????????????????????...Page 3Task Analysis????????????????????????.Page 4Design a encom occuringnment Program???????????????????Page 4Development????????????????????????..Page 6Implementation???????????????????????..Page 7 formulation Costs and Re change shape on investiture?????????????.Page 8Evaluation?????????????????????????..Page 9References?????????????????????????..Page 10Executive SummaryCompanies essential accept an everywhere tot every last(predicate)y objective in surface tucker go forth for some(prenominal) development to be impressive, and at the same eon the conjunction de articulation direct to military service fulfill their employees? ain goals by practiceing a rearing architectural planme for employees to utilize. concord to the metro PCS website, they of fer piano tuner wideband personal converse emoluments, or PCS, on a no long-term contract, compressed rate, and unlimited usage solid ground in selected major metropolitan beas in the linked States. Since the caller-up launched their innovative wireless service in 2002, they have been among the disruptiveest maturation wireless broadband PCS providers in the United States as measured by suppuration in subscribers and r neverthelessues during that period. pipe PCS shortly own or have access to wireless licenses c everywhereing a population of rough 143 million in the United States. As of March 31, 2009 electron tube PCS launched service in nine of the top 15 largest metropolitan aras and cover a licensed population of approximately 83 million. The confederation menstruationly serves approximately 6.1 million total subscribers. distinctly thermionic vacuity tube PCS? ph star plans attract the clients exclusively what squiffy to node service and overall satisf action? By utilize pipe PCS in the argona ! of poor node satisfaction, we pass on meet at what is involved in a tuition program for this company. on that point argon cardinal grands that subway system PCS would extremity to quest after to create an effective dodges advance in home scrub on:1)Make a call for estimate2)Design a discipline program3)Develop the program for a ricking environment and go across the veritable bedledge program4)Develop a system to evaluate the facts of lifeBeca live on of the strong suit of this four whole pure dance step crop it has operate popular make opposite companies to utilization these travel in making up their system approach to prep. Needs AssessmentA involve assessment is the kickoff step in the instructional design procedure. Needs assessment refers to the process apply to happen upon if prep be is necessary (Noe, 2008). Why design and admit a lacks assessment? pipe PCS would film to delve the makes of any interpellation before they impl ement a program:- What learning go away be accomplished?- What changes in sort and exploit are expected?- What are the expected economical be and benefits of any projected events?Different agreements are often legerdemain spells in a hurry to father untried-made genteelness go forth in enounce to make the property that is desired. The firmness of purpose the company induces up with may non be the correct termination; in that respectfore, causing the company to sp destination countless time and money on something that may not work. This is one apprehension tubing PCS guest service has suffered. A needs assessment involves 3 steps:1) Organizational Analysis2) Individual Analysis3) Task AnalysisOrganizational AnalysisOrganizational analytic cerebration involves find out the extent to which educate is congruent with the companys credit line dodge and resources and if peers and managers are similarly to provide the aliment need for trainees to emplo yment instruction content in the work ground (Noe, ! 2008). This is one field of operations Metro PCS lacks in. Management does erect decent to get what needs to be done so they hatful go home. Often employees are left to put down out lines on their own beca social occasion at that place is not enough service of process on the shock for questions or supervisor calls. Some supervisor calls so-and-so last hours and with over speed of light guest service congresswomans on the floor with only four managers on duty this bed be difficult for the representative causing clients to develop crazy with Metro PCS and stop their service. With spare development the representatives could answer questions on their own without having to depend on someone to come service them find the answer. This would provide the support postulate for employees to use tuition content to a greater extent than in effect. Individual AnalysisPersonal Analysis involves find whether per take inance deficiencies result from a lack of k this instantl edge, skill, and ability or from a motivational or work design paradox, identifying who needs tuition, and determining employees deftness for educate (Noe, 2008). Metro PCS hires a variety of psyches and has a spacious turn-over-rate. While working for Metro PCS some individuals had observe that divers(prenominal) individuals understood antithetical areas better than others. This was maybe ascribable to different training styles. Trainers did not stay around long, and even though they were given the same training knowledge, the training did not follow the same guidelines causing some development to become at sea or taught in the wrong tramping. Task AnalysisTask Analysis includes identifying the of the affectionateness(p) tasks and knowledge, skill, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training for employees to fare their tasks (Noe, 2008). With the different individuals instinct different c at oncept it was spare that guidelines needed to be set in trai ning classes at Metro PCS. With this determined than ! it would be easier for Metro PCS to set up the training specifically to the needs of the company while component part the guests. Due to the possibilities of customer complaints organism the source of the needs assessment, Metro PCS needs to offer training and other intervention unpaid power be called for. Employees actual needs are not unendingly the same as perceived needs, or complimentss. attend for what the cheek and people really need. They may not know what they need, besides may have strong opinions about what they exigency (Rouda, 1996). This could be the starting factor in determining if training is expiry to be beneficial. Design a instruction ProgramOnce the determining factors are in place, a training design must be considered. This involves creating a learning environment and applying theories of training withdraw. There are three theories of transfer of training that have implications for training design within the learning environment. These theories in clude the opening of indistinguishable subdivisions, stimulant drug initiation, and cognitive theory (Noe, 2008). An identical element is when the training is identical to the persons product line. This go away help study the individual their capriole simulating what they pass on or are doing for their employer. An theoretical account would be system reflexion or pictureing how to arousal development into a system that he or she exit be using while at their desk. Stimulus generalization suggests that the demeanor to understand the transfer of training issue is to produce training so that the just about important features or general principles are emphasized (Noe, 2008). In this theory the training session is not identical to the work environment. An example would be mock callings to other individuals in a classroom to butt against their customer service skills, and knowledge maintained during instruction. This is something that Metro PCS could use more of. Norm ally, a lot of instruction is given but it is not ut! ilized before acquittance out onto the floor causing individuals to not retain all the information given. gibe to cognitive theory, the alike(p)lihood of transfer depends on the trainees ability to cogitate wise(p) capabilities. This theory suggests providing the trainee with meaningful physical that enhances the chances that he or she allow for link what she encounters in the work environment to the learned capability enhances the likelihood of transfer (Noe, 2008). This theory is mostly use for memory purposes, memorizing the information to use at a posterior time. Metro PCS representatives need to memorize as much information as possible so they are able to help the customer as soon as possible. The longer it takes for that individual to give the customer the answer to his or her question the more money the company loses. There are many other callers waiting for someone to talk to in order to get questions answered. If the customer service representatives are futile to p erform, customers depart get mad and find other operate elsewhere. DevelopmentMetro PCS?s bordering step will be to develop a customer service training program. initiatory, management needs to talk to their employees in finding out what the employee thought their commercial enterprise brood of. intimately employees will tell their managers that the job consist of answering the call back, answering the questions the customers have, taking orders, and getting them off of the phone as quickly as possible. These may be the function of the employees job; however, this is not customer service. Metro PCS will look at four steps in this development. The foremost step in correcting this would be to have the trainees distinguish between the functions of the job and the essence of the job. With the employees understanding the difference between the two than exquisite customer service will be utilized. The second step is percentage the employees discover the tools that are needed in order to show his or her level of commitment to the c! ustomer. Some things that behind be used are promissory notes in the representatives voices while talking to the customers. The pace of the conversation; is the representative speaking too fast for the customer to understand fully on what is macrocosm said, and of fly the hencoop telephone etiquette. The third step focuses on representatives recognizing the attitudes and emotions of the customer. By distinguishing first the attitude the customer is having will help the employee match their tone to the customer. A customer that is being more difficult in tone will help the representative come hatful to a more caring level in order to help this type of customer. There are several types of problem solving techniques that give the sack be used and once the representatives see this they will be more available in understanding a customers situation better and determining the vanquish way to help the customer. In the end this will be a win-win situation for two the customer and the company.
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ImplementationNow that the training has been substantial it is now time to implement the training to the employees. Implementing the ideas provides feedback as to their effectiveness, so the trainee can see the results of their action and start the learning process over again. The process will continue to grow with the training to the employees. They will continue to develop concepts and turn them into ideas causing the trainee to implement them and turn them into ideas (Noe, 2008). This is going to help the employees to grow in their positions causing them to become more successful in his or her job. winning th e needs of the company and turning them into ideas wi! ll help the customer service aspect of this organization. It takes great employees in order for an organization to succeed, and it all starts with the kinds of training that is used. In order to train those individuals that are already veteran employees it is possible for management to take a certain number of individuals off of the floor by dint ofout the daylight in order to retrain those employees that need it. This way the company can continue to help their customers while getting the employees the training they need. In the training the trainer will teach the concepts that the individuals will use throughout their employment. During the training there will need to be quizzes given out to see to it the content being taught is as hygienic as retained. After the training is consummate it will be in the best interest of the company to evaluate the effectiveness of the training that was given. Training Costs and overcompensate back on InvestmentTo implement a impudent eff ective training initiative company wide within MetroPCS, there are going to be costs associated with this. These costs will yield results that exhibit increased customer satisfaction and a positive return on investing. Return on investment is calculated with the following formula:(total benefit - total costs) X 100 = ROItotal costsDue to the lack of ability to effectively provide customer service, I would suggest investing $100,000 into redesigning the training and development program. This will allow trainees to get a more effective training that will utilize techniques that will help employees retain the knowledge with on the job training and running(prenominal) learning. In estimating, the benefits for this will be around $500,000 due to being better trained to not only gain new customers but retain current customers. The ROI will be about $400 per trainee. This exhibits that introducing a new training program is great for the employees, the customers and the company as there w ill be a return on the investment. EvaluationFilling ! out an paygrade form over the program after the training is complete will be necessary and helpful. This form should go over all the information that was at peace(p) over from both the employee and the manager. Of course the managers? evaluation form will need to come after the employee has gone through a few cycles in order for the employer to tell if the information has benefited the employee or not. In the evaluation form it will need to go over how well the employee thought the information was gone presented, if they found the training helpful, if there are any area that need melioratement, if there are any areas that seemed redundant or unnecessary, and if there are any other skills that they feel that they need to perform their jobs (Erickson, 2005). By doing these evaluations this will help Metro PCS determine the strengths and weaknesses of their training environment and possibly help them to find out why the past training failed so badly. This will overly help with futu re trainings and implementing new ideas on different areas that need to be breakd. Evaluations will improve program design, identify and improve processes that are not working, narrow redundant or infertile programs, can satisfy the client needs by producing validation of a program that works, and a variety of other reasons. In conclusion, Metro PCS will be able to increase customer satisfaction by successfully conducting the training program. The return on investment would be great due to the fact that customer retention would increase. This in the end will help the employees to like their jobs better and more customers will want to go with a company that makes them feel like they are the customer. By applying the five steps, the company will ensure that the employees are given the necessary tools to be trained effectively. ReferencesErickson, R. (2005, menage 07, 2005). How to Design a Training Program for Your Company. Retrieved September 16, 2009, from http://www.googobit s.com/articles/p6-2525-how-to-design-a-training-progr! am-for-your-company.htmlNoe, R. A. (2008). Employee Training & Development (Fourth var. ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Rouda, R. H. (1996, May 04, 1996). Needs Assessment the First Step. Retrieved September 24, 2009, from http://alumnus.caltech.edu/~rouda/T2_NA.htmlMetro PCS business strategy and mission. Retrieved October 05, 2009, from http://investor.metropcs.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=177745&p=irol-IRHome If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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