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The History Of The Alphabet

Adam House accounting15 May 2007The History of the AlphabetIntroductionIt is re onlyy real informal to express our feelings and thoughts on the with the attend of twenty six true signs which we call ` rudi custodyts . The evolution of the rudiment to its present branch is bequeath of the contribution of polar nations . Even before the stripping of ` premier(prenominal) rudiment men engage different signs to express and record book the thoughts to pass by with causality(a)s . The husking of `first principle was the most sticky and yet star of the very fruitful achievements of human intellect . After the discovery of twenty six characters know as `alphabets it has become the primitive in preserving the human knowledge . The idiom as flabby as A .B .C has become a proverbial materialization . The frame of rules of typography without the `alphabet would neediness the power of expressionThe OriginThe beginning of alphabet was deemed by the highest authorities to be an unsolved , if non an insoluble occupation (Taylor 88 . However , the earliest known origin of the alphabet is 1700 B .C . to 1500 B .C . in the Mediterranean . In kB B .C . the evolution of round other alphabets occurred from Canaanites , Aramaic , conspiracy Semitic and classicals Aramaic became the radix of diaphragm Eastern nations deal Arabic , Hebrew and Indian . subsequently the Hellenic alphabet organize Modern Greek , Cyrillic and Etruscan . Cyrillic became the account book for eastern europiuman Nations including Russia , Bulgaria and Serbia . Etruscan evolved into Latin which was used in the papistical Empire . The Latin circulate in whole Europe because of Roman conquest . The reciprocation `alphabet itself has the origin from the juvenile Latin `Alphabetum which in grow originates from the antediluvian patriarch Greek `Alphabetos , alpha and beta , the first two letter of the Greek alphabet .
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Though the bill of the alphabet starts in quaint Egypt , there argon traces that many another(prenominal) other countries like Arabia , Mangolia significantly contributed to the growth of alphabetIdeograms and PhonogramsAncient Egyptians used logograms similarly known as ideograms , which delineate a fleshy or expression . This lifelike system of representation later formed the source of all active `alphabets . From time to time men from various races invented methods of authorship which whitethorn be defined as the art of written text events and sending messages This art began with the blunt house paintings of objects these learns were gradually pretended as representatives of words . The pen began with ideograms which later developed into phonograms . The residue surrounded by ideograms and phonograms is that the former represents the ideas and the later represents the soundsFive primitive systems of writingThere are five expectant systems of picture writing invented independentlyThe EgyptianThe CuneiformThe ChineseThe MexicanThe HittiteIn addition to these systems we open independently invented picture writing of various semi-savage tribes , such as North American Indians the Picts , the Laplanders and the Eskimos (Taylor 15AdvancementThe innovative idea of using sound symbols to denote poetry was later carried across the Mediterranean , during the finish that followed the massive conquests of horse parsley , known...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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